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About Florida Carloans

As part of the InterActive Financial family of automotive Web sites, we are often asked about how much business we have done in the past. The answer usually surprises people - roughly 5 Million applications since 1989.

Safe to say you're not going in alone when it comes to obtaining a Florida auto loan through our Web site:

  • Your financial information will be protected by a secure, encrypted server

  • You will be dealing with a company in good standing with the BBB

  • And your free application puts you under no obligation to buy

The other question we hear a lot is "Why do we work through dealers?" Answer there is simple: That's where banks and other lenders are most comfortable working, and that's where we can get you the best rate your credit score will allow. Eighty percent of all cars are financed via dealers, and since you can't drive a car home from a bank, we like our one-stop-shopping approach!

Getting a Florida car loan has never been faster or easier!

As part of a nationwide network of lenders and auto dealers, we can say if you have great credit, you can complete the no-obligation Florida car loan application and hear about a direct car loan from one of our direct lending partners in a surprisingly short amount of time.

If you have bad credit, we want to tell you you've come to the right place. Since 1989 our parent company has helped more people with bad credit car loans than any company of its type, and has been nationally recognized for its pioneering work in the special finance field.

If you're wondering what's in it for you, we can put it in two words - security and service. All your personal information will be protected on secure servers, your email address will not be sold to spammers and we only work with highly reputable lenders and dealerships nationwide.